Friday, October 17, 2008

what a week

you know that phrase: sh-- hitting the fan?

Yeah totally me this week. It was mostly all centered around my research work at the UofA, but suffice it to say that I'm so glad that this week is over. At the same time, I don't have any reason to believe that the stress won't carry over for the rest of this month and next, but I'm just going to enjoy every little bit of relief that I can.

I'm really hoping that Nick and I will be able to sneak away for about 48 hours in the next week. The leaves are changing (ooh, I love Fall soo much!) and I would really LOVE to go camping near the buffalo, do some hiking, smore-ing, and breath in the smell of the coming winter.

Last year (above) we JUST missed the true colors of Fall. Hopefully, this time, we can hit it at just the right time this year.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

maybe if I want comments, I should update....

I keep coming back to my post looking and hoping that someone, anyone has finally commented... so here's to hoping that I've got tons of readers but no commenters.

This summer I was blessed to have the opportunity to do an internship with Texas Instruments. And no, I was NOT working on calculators. Although that is what everyone always thinks. I WAS working with hard disk drives. I won't drag you through the details, but I really enjoyed my experience there.

It was especially refreshing because I had been so frustrated and disheartened by my previous year in graduate school for my masters in electrical engineering. Last year I often found myself wondering if I was even cut out to do this kind of work or if I would even enjoy working as an engineer. Starting at TI was nerve racking and desperately important; I viewed as a way that I could see if this was the life I wanted or should I drop everything a pursue and different field and career. But TI did not disappoint, I came home almost every day saying, "Man, I really am enjoying this. I like my job!" I can't even begin to explain how refreshing it was.

So Nick and I have decided that we'll be moving to Dallas next summer where I'll be starting my "real" life in a career at TI. Very exciting, but first....first I have to make it through my last year to grad school!