Sunday, November 2, 2008

where does the time go?

This week was another crazy week. I had a midterm on Friday, conference paper due today, and volunteered to make a birthday cake for a costume party on Halloween. Almost every day this week flew by. Usually that's a good thing, but man, I needed every second. Every hour off the clock reminded me of how MUCH i needed/should of/could of gotten done.

Thankfully, Friday night offered a little bit of fun and break from the grind. Nick and I decided to be Night and Day for our costumes and whipped them up friday after work and while mine was drying I was finishing decorating this:

For those of you who are totally out of touch this gaming obsession, its a Guitar Hero guitar cake. Not perfect, but I always try to remember that's its just going to get eaten so enjoy it while it lasts.

We did make it out to the Buffalo River to see the leaves. The colors weren't terribly impressive, but it was refreshing to be in the wilderness. And those 15 or so roasted marshmallows didn't treat me too badly either. yummm.

Here's to hoping that the next couple of weeks will be less stressful than this one. I'm looking forward to a breather!


Silvy said...

that might be one of the coolest cakes i've ever seen! kim you are a professional now! :) thanks for the email--yes, we should get together soon!!!!

Spring said...

And you're voting in a state that is only light red! Definitely very exciting.