Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Toilet training....for cats.

yes. its quite an adventure. I had heard that it was possible to toilet train cats, but had never really thought about doing it until I met The Litter Box.

Mr. Litter and I do not agree on many issues.

Number 1, Mr. Litter likes his space. His space inside our blue litter box AND he likes to spread it out all over the immediate area and apartment. I like to walk around in our apartment without shoes, since after all it is our home, but every time I go in the bathroom that dang litter sticks to my feet. yuck.

Number 2, Mr. Litter stinks. After all, our cat, Phelps, poops and pees on him.

Number 3, Mr. Litter does not clean up after himself. Despite spraying his business all around the box, the poo and pee remains for us to clean up.

So after sweeping large amounts of litter off the floor for the 50 billionth time, I decided time to toilet train. Here's a little intro:

More to come...


Silvy said...

ewwww i can just picture you walking around your house and stepping on cat litter :). hope you have a wonderful birthday week!!!

Jenn Eastman said...

wow kim. i wish i could be there to see your cat go in the toilet. :)

Katie said...

I was surprised by Bella's power! I guess in a way, it makes sense, but I would not have thought of that.

I have been reading it befored bed and I keep dreaming that I am pregnant! Yikes.

I still have about 100 pages I will let you know what I think of the ending! :)

Jeremy Cavness said...

I want to see this cat poop...