Friday, April 10, 2009

I found you!

the last version the cookie dough cupcakes was a keeper. So delicious and enjoyed by many! Pictures to come later.

Most importantly, I turned in my thesis this week. After so many hours of writing, its finally coming down to the last few steps. I was truly bless that God made it pass by quickly and fairly painlessly all 138 pages of it. Okay so a lot of that is figures (there were over 70 of those!) and the required 10 pages of "fluff" - title page (below) , table of contents, etc.- but man, I really wish it would have been shorter!

Now all I have to do is pass my defense and my classes this semester....I really can't believe the end is so close! I'm so ready for the almost 2 months of nothingness that I have in store for me before starting at TI in late July. Here I come summer!


Jenn Eastman said...

i want that recipe!! i'm making coconut vanilla cupcakes tomorrow for easter! :)

Silvy said...

congrats kim!!! that is such a HUGE accomplishment! i respect you a lot!!