Thursday, January 22, 2009

finally an update

I know I know, its been way too long. I'd expand on what's been keeping me from updating but most of that would just include a long of engineering mumbo jumbo which would put you to sleep!

Life's crazy busy as always. There was a day a couple years ago when I figured out that life was always going to be crazy. No more summers between school years where all you are concerned about is going to swim in the neighborhood pool. When I have this realization, I was devastated..."WTF! I'm always going to be the busy?!?" But I'm come to love my busy weeks when Monday to Friday fly by and before you know it the month is over. Although its great to have those lazy days when you don't leave the house for a whole weekend.

This weekend will definitely not be one of those. Insert more engineering blah blah blah.

Phelps is still not toilet trained. He's working on it, but definitely hit a plateau. We are still trying to work on that transition over to water. Hopefully it will come soon. He's being a stinker about it. Here's a little peek:


Silvy said...

aww your cat is adorable! hope you are having a wonderful week!!

Jenn Eastman said...

that is such a cute picture! and thanks for updating :) my life is crazy busy too. sometimes i hate it, but i think it's a good thing, it means we are growing up. haha. love you.

Jeremy Cavness said...

that's just wrong. how'd you like to come over and see denver crapping in the toilet?