Thursday, May 21, 2009

Kimistry of Cakes

As a gift to my best guy friends and in honor of their coming marriages, I like to do something special for their bachelor parties. I think its partly because I've always been a tomboy and I secretly wish I could attend the bachelor party and celebrate with them. But alas, that little small detail about bachelor parties being "only men" shindigs.

So I send my cakes which I make with much love. A couple of my girl friends were around for the baking of the cakes expressed interest in wishing that they could be there for the decorating process. So this time I decided to document what it takes to make a boob cake.

1. First I baked to 9in rounds. Usually I use Wilton Bake Even Strips to bake a cake that is essentially flat, which is essential for layered cakes. However for this design, you want the cakes to look "round" so I used two normal metal pans. The cakes are on foil covered cardboard cake board that can be purchased to Wal-Mart or Hobby Lobby.

2. Make a batch of buttercream icing, yes its super fattening, and yes its super delicious.

3. Color half the icing a nice fleshy tone and the other half the bra color of choice.

4. I cover half the cakes in the flesh toned icing and the other half in the bra color icing.

4. Decorate, Decorate, Decorate....

5. And wahlah!

Put it in a cake box and go!


Silvy said...

i am excited!!

Jenn Eastman said...

love your cakes and love you :)