Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Texas beginnings...

On thing I throughly enjoy about Texas: having a Space Shuttle on my license plate.

Don't agree? you should.

So far we have been settling in to our new surroundings in Dallas pretty well! Although leaving Arkansas has been hard, we've been blessed for a couple opportunities to head back and visit friends and family this summer. We are so blessed by all of our relationships back home, but are looking forward to the many more wonderful memories that are to come with all of them.

TI is a fantastic company to work for. Tons of great benefits, support, and a fabulous community. I've still got a lot to learn on the job, but they are keeping really busy with lots and lots of information to absorb.

Nick's starting up with his PhD full swing this fall and is enjoying it so far. He's a fantastic planner so he rarely has to stay up all night working on projects (totally not me).

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